Bachelor of Sweet Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship

Sep 2023
Jan 2024


Institut Culinaire de France

Arts, Design & Architecture

The Culinary Institute of France offers high-level professional infrastructure and equipment for training that meets the strictest requirements in terms of ergonomics, quality of knowledge transmission, and safety. Each student has a high-quality workspace that provides them with ease to practice and acquire technical knowledge in the best conditions. Each laboratory accommodates a maximum of 16 students.

All cooking equipment, with thermal insulation, has been selected from the professional range of the French company Pavailler; freezing, rapid cooling, storage, and fermentation equipment comes from the professional range of the manufacturer Hengel; and the stainless steel furniture has been chosen from the range offered by the French company PV Labo Concept located in Burgundy.

Whether you are passionate about bakery, pastry, ice cream, or want to embrace all these areas at once, the school offers many specialized programs that allow you to successfully complete your project. You will practice as closely as possible with the masters, in small groups of a maximum of 15 students per laboratory. Optimal conditions that allow you to quickly become a skilled and autonomous professional.


Course details

The Bachelor of Sweet Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship is a unique program that offers ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to specialize in the fields of pastry, chocolate, confectionery, ice cream and bakery. With the support of the Galileo Global Education group, which has many recognized schools for their skills in management, marketing, creation, communication and personal development, this program is the ideal opportunity to develop your skills and achieve your dreams.

Training objectives

This training also teaches students about nutritional aspects and dietary balances, and raises awareness about sustainable development issues: organic products, energy management, waste management, short supply chains, fair trade...

In addition, students are invited to integrate a high-quality service from production onwards: welcoming customers, providing information, sales support, tasting new recipes, customer loyalty...

The pace of the training

The training lasts for 3 years, including 5 months of internship per year. These work experiences are a real asset for better mastering the profession and preparing for entry into the professional world.


Manufacturing of products: pastries, pasta, creams, sugar cooking, bread, pastries, chocolate, ganache, confectionery, decorations, sorbets, ice creams, frozen desserts

Business management: accounting, fundamentals of law, competition and consumer law, marketing, sales techniques, business economics, statistics, office automation (software), languages.

Job opportunities

  • Junior:
  • Bachelor of Sweet Culinary Arts - Average salary: $30,000 - Title: Chef de Partie
  • Entrepreneurship - Average salary: $50,000 - Title: Operations Director
  • Experienced:
  • Bachelor of Sweet Culinary Arts - Average salary: $60,000 - Title: Executive Chef
  • Entrepreneurship - Average salary: $80,000 - Title: General Manager


To apply for this position, you must hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, preferably in BTS SIO, BTS Digital Systems, DUT GEII, STID, MMI, R&T, or equivalent. In this type of training, the company that hosts the student in alternating periods covers the training costs. As a result, the student benefits from free training while receiving a salary for their work in the company.

Required documents to apply

Cover letter
Letter of recommendation with contact reference
Bachelor's degree or equivalent (original)
Baccalaureate or equivalent (official translation in French)
Highest diploma - original
High school diploma - certified Frecnh translation
Proof of French proficiency
More information on the application process
About the school
Arts, Design & Architecture
About the course
6 semester(s)
Program type:
Initial education
BAC or equivalent
Price (EU students):
Price (non EU students):
Average salary:
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