Reverse application

Looking for a school/program in France, but don't know where to start? Our reverse application tool is here to help you! Send us your information, and receive offers from schools fitting your profile and aspirations!

Reverse application: how it works


Analysing of your profile

Answer a few questions and send us your resume and cover letter (if you have one). Pay our application fees so we can properly analyse your profile and give you the best program offers. 


Getting your personnalized programs selection

Depending on your answers and profile, we will provide you with a personalized list of programs and schools that you might be interested in. At this point, you will be able to pick the programs you are interested in and to apply online. 


Optimizing your profile

We'll give you advice to improve your resume and your cover letter, and prepare you for the video interviews with the schools you want to apply to. Our expert agents are here to help you present the best profile possible. 


Sending your digital application

We'll collect your academic records, including language certifications, and ask you a few questions on video. This digital file will be sent to the school(s) you have chosen, as well as to similar schools and courses if you wish. 


Response from the school

If you are admitted, Livinfrance will assist you in the next steps of your project of studying in France: obtaining your student visa, finding accommodation, taking out the required insurance, opening a bank account...
If you are rejected, don't worry! We will send your application to other schools, and remain available to help you make your project of studying in France a reality. 

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