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Business, Finance & Management

MBS (Montpellier Business School) is an internationally renowned business school located in Montpellier. Founded in 1897, it is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA and offers a complete range of management training programs, from Bachelor's to Doctorate degrees, as well as Masters. Students benefit from a great cultural diversity, as MBS welcomes students from over 70 different nationalities. Additionally, the school has established partnerships with numerous national and international companies, offering students the opportunity to participate in internships, projects and consulting missions. Finally, Montpellier is a dynamic and attractive city with a strong economic dynamism and easy access to the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding seaside resorts.

Course details

Our MSc in Digital Transformation & Business Consulting provides students with the necessary skills to manage change and improve performance in organisations, with a special emphasis on digital transformation. You will be able to develop the right solutions to tackle the ever-evolving business world and adapt the processes of both small and large companies to benefit from the growing digitalisation. Ultimately, you will learn how to turn change into opportunities for your organisation or your consulting clients.


  • Drive change in organisations
  • Manage and lead technology-intensive projects
  • Manage and lead the digital transformation of organisations
  • Learn advanced organisational analysis methodologies to improve performance and strategic alignment
  • Anticipate and manage new ways of developing organisational resilience

  • Organisational analysis and development for business consulting
  • Research methods for consulting: problem-solving and case-cracking
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital strategy
  • Big data and analytics
  • Technology & innovation management
  • Global trends in strategy
  • Subjects

  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Job opportunities

    • Junior Digital Transformation Consultant: Average Salary: €40,000 - Title: BSc
    • Junior Business Consultant: Average Salary: €40,000 - Title: BSc
    • Experienced Digital Transformation Consultant: Average Salary: €70,000 - Title: MSc
    • Experienced Business Consultant: Average Salary: €70,000 - Title: MSc
    • Expert in Digital Transformation & Business Consulting: Average Salary: €90,000 - Title: MSc


    • TCF / DALF or DELF - minimum level B2 required (applicable for countries where French is not the official language)
    • IELTS / TOEIC or TOEFL - if you do not have one of these tests, you will be invited to take the MBS English test (free)
    • GRE / GMAT - if you do not have one of these tests, you will be invited to take the MBS English test (free)

    Required documents to apply

    Resume in french
    Cover letter
    Transcripts from the last 3 years
    Highest diploma
    TCF / DALF/ DELF - min B2 (Mandatory)
    GRE / GMAT (optional)
    More information on the application process
    About the school
    Business, Finance & Management
    About the course
    4 semester(s)
    Program type:
    Initial education
    Price (EU students):
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    Average salary:
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