Master grande ecole

Sep 2023



Business, Finance & Management

MBS (Montpellier Business School) is an internationally renowned business school located in Montpellier. Founded in 1897, it is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA and offers a complete range of management training programs, from Bachelor's to Doctorate degrees, as well as Masters. Students benefit from a great cultural diversity, as MBS welcomes students from over 70 different nationalities. Additionally, the school has established partnerships with numerous national and international companies, offering students the opportunity to participate in internships, projects and consulting missions. Finally, Montpellier is a dynamic and attractive city with a strong economic dynamism and easy access to the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding seaside resorts.

Course details

Le programme de Master Grande Ecole de MBS est une opportunité unique pour les étudiants de se préparer à une carrière réussie. Avec une formation de qualité, une spécialisation dans plusieurs domaines et une expérience internationale, ce programme offre tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour réussir.

Une formation interdisciplinaire pour une carrière polyvalente

MBS' Master Grande Ecole is a robust graduate program that provides a quality education to prepare students for a successful career in business. Students have the opportunity to specialize in several areas, including international business management, marketing and communication, finance, and entrepreneurship, to gain skills specific to their area of interest.

The program is taught in English to prepare students to work in an international context, and students can also spend a year abroad in one of MBS' partner universities to gain international experience. Students are evaluated on their skills in French, English, mathematics and general culture to be admitted to the MBS Master Grande Ecole program.

International experience for an international career

The MBS Master Grande Ecole offers an international experience to prepare students for an international career in business. Students have the opportunity to spend a year abroad at one of MBS' partner universities to gain international experience and become familiar with business and cultural practices in different countries.

This international experience allows students to develop intercultural and language skills, which are essential for working in an international context. In addition, students can participate in international events organized by the school, such as conferences and study tours, to expand their network and knowledge of the international business world.


  • Marketing, management, finance, strategy and entrepreneurship courses
  • Teaching on intercultural communication, innovation, social responsibility and sustainability
  • Group projects on business creation, market analysis, business problem solving
  • Research projects on innovation, sustainability, finance...
  • Job opportunities

    • Junior
    • Assistant commercial - Average salary: 25,000 € - Title: Assistant commercial
    • Assistant marketing - Average salary: 25,000 € - Title: Assistant marketing
    • Management assistant - Average salary: 25,000 €
    • Executive Assistant - Average salary: 25,000 €
    • Project Manager - Average salary: 30,000 €
    • Experienced
    • Sales Manager - Average salary: 70,000 €
    • Marketing Director - Average salary: 70,000 €
    • Management Director - Average salary: 70,000 €
    • Project Director - Average salary: 80,000 €
    • Financial Director - Average salary: 80,000 €


    4th and 5th years of the Communication Master's program can be done through alternating work and study (professionalization or apprenticeship contract) or within the framework of an alternating internship agreement. The schedule is:

    Required documents to apply

    Cover letter
    Letter of recommendation with contact reference
    Bachelor's degree or equivalent (original)
    Baccalaureate or equivalent (official translation in French)
    Highest diploma - original
    High school diploma - certified Frecnh translation
    English test for non-native speakers (IELTS / TOEFL)
    More information on the application process
    About the school
    Business, Finance & Management
    About the course
    4 semester(s)
    EN or FR
    Program type:
    Initial education or Cooperative training course
    Price (EU students):
    Price (non EU students):
    Average salary:
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