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Oct 2023
Jan 2024



Business, Finance & Management

MBA ESG trains professionals through professionals, with a focus on the business world in its teaching and pedagogical projects. Our goal is to make you operational, develop your network, and accelerate your integration into the workforce.

Most of our teachers are professional experts who currently or previously worked in the field or sector they teach. They share their experience and expertise with you through various learning methods, including didactic courses, case studies, flipped classroom, dossier building, software and database usage, role-playing, and business games.

Professional projects are the foundation of MBA ESG's pedagogical approach. They encourage your professional engagement and prepare you for working in a business environment.

Marketing and consulting projects, company cases, contests, challenges, and agency competitions: you work on real-life issues with professionals in project mode.

Depending on the MBA specialization, a pedagogical partnership with Cours Florent offers you the opportunity to develop your soft skills and managerial posture through theater seminars.

MBA ESG prepares you for the certifications required for successful career advancement.

Course details

This MBA in Business Law - Corporate Lawyer is the ideal training to prepare you to become a business partner within the company. You will learn to master law in all its forms, to understand the activity of the different departments of the company and to integrate financial and tax rules to actively participate in the development of the company.


The MBA created in 1995 has a network of over 750 graduates and is recognized by a level 7 RNCP title (Professional Certification of Corporate Lawyer issued by ESGCV, NSF 128). It is ranked among the Best Masters, MS and MBA programs (Eduniversal Ranking 2019). It offers a dual competence in management and law, as well as an adaptation of the legal field to the digital age (Start Up Law, Internet Law...). Students can also develop their professional network through career evenings and professional fairs, cycles of professional conferences led by experts, and a school-enterprise alternation that accelerates their professional integration.


Adopt a counseling posture within your company, for commercial, financial and technical legal questions
Develop employment contracts and commercial contracts
Manage disputes in tax, banking, commercial or labor law
Contribute to merger and acquisition operations
Learn to manage
Present your MBA Business Law - Corporate Lawyer!


Audit of the legal function

  • Corporate strategy - economic findings and legal responses
  • Legal monitoring
  • Legal tech tools
  • Financial management
  • Advice, analysis and drafting of contracts in English
  • Training and prevention of legal risks
  • Leadership
  • Legal project management
  • Mapping of risky practices
  • Mediation and transaction techniques - peaceful solutions
  • Mock trial simulation - the art of persuasion
  • Civil enforcement procedure

Job opportunities

  • Junior:
  • Junior Lawyer - Average Salary: €40,000 - Title: Junior Corporate Lawyer
  • Junior Attorney - Average Salary: €40,000 - Title: Junior Attorney
  • Junior Legal Counsel - Average Salary: €40,000 - Title: Junior Legal Counsel
  • Junior Legal Analyst - Average Salary: €40,000 - Title: Junior Legal Analyst
  • Junior Legal Assistant - Average Salary: €30,000 - Title: Junior Legal Assistant
  • Experienced:
  • Experienced Lawyer - Average Salary: €60,000 - Title: Experienced Corporate Lawyer
  • Experienced Attorney - Average Salary: €70,000 - Title: Experienced Attorney
  • Experienced Legal Counsel - Average Salary: €60,000 - Title: Experienced Legal Counsel
  • Experienced Legal Analyst - Average Salary: €60,000 - Title: Experienced Legal Analyst
  • Experienced Legal Assistant - Average Salary: €50,000 - Title: Experienced Legal Assistant


Niveau d’admission

A l’issue d’un de nos cycles préparatoires : Après avoir suivi l’un de nos cycles préparatoires qui permet d’accéder au programme HEI. Cette modalité s’effectue sur le principe de l’évaluation continue.

En admission parallèle : En nous rejoignant directement en 3eme ou 4ème année après avoir effectué et validé une CPGE, un DUT ou BUT, une Licence ou un Master (Retrouvez les filières spécifiques en cliquant sur le bouton s’inscrire).

Processus d’admission

A l’issue d’un de nos cycles préparatoires : Pas de concours, le passage du cycle préparatoire au cycle ingénieur se fait sur contrôle continu et examens, en se basant sur l’acquis d’ECTS et décision du jury.

En admission parallèle :

  • Si vous avez effectué une CPGE, vous devrez passer sur la plateforme
  • Dans le cas où vous avez effectué l’une des formations citées plus haut, vous devrez déposer un dossier qui sera soumis à examen sur notre plateforme d’inscription.

Required documents to apply

Cover letter
Letter of recommendation with contact reference
Bachelor's degree or equivalent (original)
Baccalaureate or equivalent (official translation in French)
Highest diploma - original
High school diploma - certified Frecnh translation
Proof of French proficiency
More information on the application process
About the school
Business, Finance & Management
About the course
4 semester(s)
Program type:
Cooperative training course
Price (EU students):
Price (non EU students):
Average salary:
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