Bachelor's Degree in Data and Artificial Intelligence

Jan 2024



Computer Science, IT & Digital

HETIC is the first multidisciplinary school in the digital world. The founding members imagined an innovative school consisting of a subtle blend of technology, management, and design, all linked to the digital field in order to give birth to multi-skilled profiles. HETIC offers 5 programs: three Bachelor's degrees leading to a BAC+3 level, a one-year master's prep program, three Master's degrees leading to a BAC+5 level, and a Grande Ecole program leading to a BAC+5 level. No majors, no options.

Our mission is to train the best experts capable of anticipating changes and adapting accordingly. This rare ability necessarily involves the global and transversal mastery of three distinct but intimately linked domains: web technologies, digital creation, and management.

At the end of each trimester and each year, we give students in each cohort the opportunity to evaluate the speakers, the relevance of the subjects taught, and the pedagogical functioning of the school. We also bring together our graduates and our partner companies to review all of our programs so that they are as adapted as possible to the changing demands and trends of the market.

Real projects are at the heart of the training provided at HETIC and are what make its reputation. For each of these projects, a team is formed.

Course details

Data and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the professional world. A study conducted by Dell and the Institute for the Future reveals that 85% of the jobs in 2030 do not yet exist and that the majority of these new jobs will be in the fields of Data, AI, and robotics.

Data is now recognized as a key asset for companies in all sectors, and its effective exploitation will be a key factor in differentiation between companies for years to come.

This booming sector will require relevant skills in increasing numbers in the years to come. To successfully integrate into this sector, it is necessary to master fundamental key skills such as programming, data analysis, data management and flow, deployment, mathematics, machine learning, design, data marketing, etc...

4 reasons to join the Data & AI Bachelor's program.

A practical and technically-focused empirical pedagogy, supported by solid theoretical foundations. The instructors are true professionals in the industry, specialists who are committed to passing on their know-how.

An intensive first year in initial training that allows you to reach the level of excellence demanded by recruiters. Two years in alternation so that you can gain experience and truly confront the challenges of Data and AI in the professional world.

Acquired skills

Acquire the methods of data exploitation and understand their services and uses

Acquire skills in designing and deploying algorithmic solutions based on data analysis

Be able to set up a database in connection with a project (web, software)

Be able to set up an API to link several parts of a project


  • Fundamentals of computer science and programming
  • Web & Internet technologies
  • Mathematical basics
  • Algorithmics
  • Front-End development
  • Methodology and project management tools
  • Graphic creation tools and Web Design
  • Introduction to marketing analytics
  • IT projects
  • Simple metrics on databases, query writing
  • Introduction to data science
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to data architecture
  • Business intelligence
  • Job search techniques
  • Public speaking
  • Project weeks

Job opportunities


  • Data Analyst - Average salary: 40,000 € - Title: Bachelor Data
  • Data Scientist - Average salary: 45,000 € - Title: Bachelor Data
  • Software Engineer - Average salary: 45,000 € - Title: Bachelor Computer Science
  • Data Engineer - Average salary: 50,000 € - Title: Bachelor Data
  • Machine Learning Engineer - Average salary: 50,000 € - Title: Bachelor Artificial Intelligence


  • Data Architect - Average salary: 70,000 € - Title: Bachelor Data
  • Data Scientist Senior - Average salary: 75,000 € - Title: Bachelor Data
  • Software Architect - Average salary: 80,000 € - Title: Bachelor Computer Science
  • Data Engineer Senior - Average salary: 85,000 € - Title: Bachelor Data
  • Machine Learning Scientist - Average salary: 90,000 € - Title: Bachelor Artificial Intelligence


Required documents to apply

Cover letter
Letter of recommendation with contact reference
Bachelor's degree or equivalent (original)
Baccalaureate or equivalent (official translation in French)
Highest diploma - original
High school diploma - certified Frecnh translation
Proof of French proficiency
More information on the application process
About the school
Computer Science, IT & Digital
About the course
6 semester(s)
Program type:
Initial education
BAC or equivalent
Price (EU students):
Price (non EU students):
Average salary:
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